Welcome to Freedom Deaddiction Centre,


Freedom De-Addiction cum Rehabilitation Center offers an exclusive facility to Alcoholics / Drug Addicts, enabling the patients to relinquish their life of addiction & lead an independent normal life, which they had, before developing dependency on alcohol /drugs.

Alcohol/Drugs are used by many around us to have fun, as a remedy for emotional & stressful problems, to be part of a group, to feel like they belong, to feel good, to feel happy, and for many more reasons without knowing that at least 20 out of a 100 become dependent on it.

Addiction can happen to anybody. There is no specific sex, occupation, family background, education that has exception, but when there is addiction it surely demands specialized therapy for recovery.

There are many people who consider use of alcohol/drug for recreational purposes or on social occasions as normal and acceptable, but little are they aware that even this carries risk of road and traffic accidents, socially inappropriate or embarrassing behavior, negative impact on social relationships which eventually leads to addiction.

Alcohol and other substance abuse not only damage the body of the person using, but has harmful impact on the environment around him. His own life can have adverse effects, like disrupted marriage/ family life, loss of job, unemployment and stigmatization.